Building on the commitment to safety and keep pace with the ever dynamic aviation industry, ENHAS became the first ground handling company to be ISAGO certified in Africa in 2009 and was number 31 to be certified ISAGO ground handling company in the world.
What is ISAGO & how has ENHAS benefited from the program?
ISAGO is an audit program for ground handling companies serving airlines at airports.
The audit is built around a set of harmonized, globally recognized standards.
ISAGO aims to improve operational safety within the airport ground operations environment by reducing damage to aircraft and equipment and improving efficiency by reducing the number of redundant audits done by airlines on Ground Service Providers (GSPs).

By modeling our operations on the ISAGO standards, ENHAS has made a commitment to operate according to globally accepted industry best practices

ISAGO creates an environment for safer operations, resulting in fewer accidents and less injuries to personnel. Also, it reduces the number of audits from the customer airlines, allowing ENHAS management to focus their resources on operations.

The ISAGO registry has enhanced our company image, as it represents an independent validation of the handler’s operational safety practices.

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