Unit Load Devices


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ULDs are essential for loading freight transported by air. Although ULDs are required to ensure the safe and reliable restraint of cargo during a flight, the standards for using them vary widely across the industry. With around 900,000 aircraft ULDs in service representing a replacement value of over USD $1 Billion, ULDs are expensive assets that require correct handling. Many people in the industry do not know that ULDs are aircraft parts and directly contribute to flight safety.

This course provides a simple point of reference for common technical and operational standards, regulatory requirements, and carrier requirements applicable to overall ULD operations.

Course objectives

  • Be fully familiar with the aviation regulations as they apply to ULD operations
  • Be fully conversant with the limitations applicable to aircraft and to the ULD
  • Understand the relationship between effective ground handling of ULD and consistent safety com-
    pliance of ULD when loaded to an aircraft
  • Know the limitations of their knowledge, and the importance of eliminating guess work from any
    cargo restraint activity.

Course content

  • Definition of Aircraft Unit Load Device
  • Basis of these Regulations
  • National Regulations and Advisory Material Applicable to ULDs
  • Operator’s Responsibilities
  • ULD Identification
  • Technical Specifications
  • Documentation and Messaging Specifications
  • Handling
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