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Shipping Perishable Cargo

Course objectives

  • Improve time and temperature-sensitive cargo management with latest methods and techniques
  • Explore the latest industry trends and types of perishable commodities transported by air
  • Analyze global government controls and reduce your business exposure Identify new market opportunities
  • Study transport standards and documents to improve service to existing markets
  • Apply the current Shipping Perishable Cargo Guidelines Publication in conjunction with the Shipping Perishable Cargo.

Course content

  • How to use IATA’s Perishable Cargo Regulations manual
  • Government and airline regulations
  • Food safety and countries
  • Carrier regulations
  • Shipper’s and airline’s responsibilities
  • Perishables facts and types
  • Perishable classification
  • Packaging
  • Documentation and labelling
  • Acceptance and control
  • Perishable handling procedures
  • ULD and airport operations
  • Damage, claims and tracking
  • Air transport of cut flowers
  • Cites.
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