Infectious Substances


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Shipping Infectious Substances can be an intimidating task when looking at the multitude of classification, packaging, marking, labelling, documentation, and handling requirements.
In accordance with Division 6.2 – Category A and B requirements, this course will keep you compliant with regulations for shipping infectious substances, such as those used in medical research and diagnostic fields. This course will teach you the skills to handle potentially dangerous pathogens, process all of the correct documentation, and reduce risks to yourself and those around you.

What you will learn

Upon completing this course you will have the skills to:

  • Apply the technical skills of shipping infectious substances by air
  • Reference the current Infectious Substances Shipping Guidelines based on the most recent IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Manual
  • Apply the step-by step workbook in conjunction with the current Infectious Substances Shipping Guidelines publication
  • Promote safe and efficient handling practices in the workplace
  • Facilitate shipments in compliance with the applicable regulations
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