Documents Verification


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Course Aim/ Objective(s)

The training is aimed at conveying the basic knowledge required to be able to carry out thorough first-line document verification using limited and simple equipments such as Ultra violet light and Magnifying glass.
The primary objective of document verification course is to help the participants to be able to recognise and verify authenticity of documents. If in doubt, it’s important you ask a colleague for a second opinion.

Course content.

  • Examine and describe documents that identify identity such as passports, visas, residence permits, driving permits etc
  • Counterfeit and forged travel documents identification.
  • Recognize common methods of creating completely false documents and altering details within genuine documents.
  • Identify security features within particular travel documents.
  • Operation and Use of document verification equipments such as ultra violet lamps, magnifying glasses to examine documents.
  • Adopt document scrutiny procedure and checklist.
  • Document investigation such as, the cover, binding, blank stolen etc.
  • Passenger profiling.
  • Security questions /impostor detection.
  • S.O.P of handling impostors and fraudsters.
  • Schengen visa rules and regulations.
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